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Copper Nickel is uniquely qualified as an ideal product for piping systems in the Shipbuilding industry with its high mechanical properties, low general corrosion behavior in seawater environments, resistance to stress corrosion and cracking from chloride contaminents, good pitting resistance, weldability, and general ease of fabrication.

C70600 and C71500 Grades

90/10 Copper Nickel (C70600) seamless tube and pipe has a standard pressure rating of Class 200, which meets an internal pressure of 300 PSI minimum. This grade when ordered as pipe is produced to Naval specification MIL-T-16420K to go along with the commercial standard ASTM-B466 and/or SB-111.

Copper-Nickel alloys are used in industrial condensers, heat exchangers, evaporating equipment and marine applications where their resistance to the corrosive action of a wide range of chemicals leads to durability and protection against contamination. These tubes maintain their strength at elevated temperatures better than any brass or pure copper. 70-30 Copper-Nickel (C71500) is preferred over 90-10 Copper-Nickel where high pressure and temperature conditions are more severe in corrosive environments.

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